Using SSH keys with git for Windows

June 16, 2018
3 minute read

I think everyone would agree that SSH keys are a much better way to authenticate than usernames and passwords. I really just love them. Anyway, I have a freshly reformatted Windows 10 computer that I was wanting to access my GitLab account from, and wanted to set it up with keys for pushing to projects. After installing Git for Windows, I wasn’t quite sure how it really worked until a little bit of Googling and of course help from StackExchange and playing around with some settings. ... Read more…
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Category: git for windows

Using VirtualBox for the Splunker Udemy course

June 15, 2018
10 minute read

At work, we’ve been looking to take better advantage of our local Splunk infrastructure. It’s a bit lacking in its current state, so I have been looking into kicking it up a notch for that sweet, sweet in-depth look into what’s going on in our environment. Now as you can imagine, Splunk is a very large and daunting beast at first glance. There are seemingly infinite ways to use it depending on what exactly you want to get out of it, and you can really get a lot out of it if you want to. ... Read more…
Tags: udemy course virtualbox
Category: splunk software

PowerCLI install script

June 11, 2018
3 minute read

Credit for this information should go to Kyle Ruddy’s post on the VMware Blogs platform. I have just packaged it up into a PowerShell script for ease of deployment. Currently, this has been tested as of 6/11/2018, and is confirmed working on 64 bit Windows 10 builds 1709 and 1803 (which have PowerShell version 5). PowerCLI is running at 10.1.0 at the current date. Below is a paste of the script hosted on this site. ... Read more…
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Category: vmware software

Adding binaries to the Git for Windows PATH

May 31, 2018
1 minute read

As WSL becomes more mature, I will surely start using it more than I use the Bash that comes installed with Git for Windows. But for now, my main Bash interface is through the Git Bash terminal. On my Windows computers for work (I don’t have much of a choice), I have a few scripts I like to port from my personal setup that I use frequently. One of the more relative ones that I figured I’d use as an example is my script to generate checksums for the scripts I upload. ... Read more…
Tags: bash
Category: git for windows

Figuring out VLANs on the Zyxel GS1900-24

May 20, 2018
5 minute read

Every great network needs a great core switch, and I’ve found the Zyxel GS1900-24 to be perfect for my home’s needs. When I moved from DD-WRT on a WNDR3000 to a PC Engines APU2C4 running pfSense, I had to move the switching capabilities to an external device. This sent me out on a search for a new managed switch with gigabit networking capabilities and preferably 24 or more RJ45 ports. ... Read more…
Tags: networking vlans
Category: home-networking

Minifying a Hugo site with Gitlab CI

May 17, 2018
3 minute read

One of the things I love most about Hugo is the tiny size of the pages. Mine in particular uses very little JavaScript, so it loads very quickly and with minimal requests to the servers. Yet, ever since setting up the site, I’ve wanted to be able to make it even smaller. One of the quirks about Hugo is even if there isn’t anything to render in the partials or layouts for a page, it will still leave a blank line when the HTML is rendered. ... Read more…
Tags: gitlab-ci hugo npm
Category: hugo-site

Routing the guest wifi through OpenVPN in pfSense

May 14, 2018
2 minute read

When I originally bought my Unifi AP AC Lite, I hadn’t put much thought into guest access. I was mainly getting it to improve my own network connectivity, and to get an AP that was independent of my router for greater flexibility. At first, I was using DD-WRT as my core router and firewall, but I have since moved to pfSense on an PC Engines APU2C4 which provides even more features than DD-WRT. ... Read more…
Tags: pfsense ubiquiti networking
Category: home-networking

Setting up Commento with Hugo

May 9, 2018
9 minute read

Update 15 Apr 2018 While Commento served its purpose fantastically, I have moved on to Isso. Update 11 Nov 2018 Commento has stopped working on my VPS and I have disabled it while I try to troubleshoot and rebuild it. Update 11 Jan 2019 I have Commento working again on the site. ... Read more…
Tags: commenting commento
Category: hugo-site

Blocking ads in OpenWrt

April 10, 2018
7 minute read

Here I have collected few scripts to block/manage ads at the source on my travel OpenWrt router, the GL-iNet AR300M. I use this on the travel router to save bandwidth, mostly while the VPN is active so I can save CPU cycles for the OpenVPN process. All credit goes to tablespoon on GitHub/Tblspn on Reddit. I have just repackaged that script (with a couple of slight modifications to the servers it pulls from and the update schedule) with some other helpful scripts that have come in handy that I thought I’d share on GitLab, and write a bit about them. ... Read more…
Tags: script ar300m
Category: openwrt

Allowing SSL in wget on OpenWrt/LEDE

April 4, 2018
4 minute read

Why? For the post regarding blocking ads in OpenWrt, I had to figure out how to add some extra blocklists, including those from EasyList and AdAway. In vanilla OpenWrt, we’ll have to use wget to retrieve files, and I like to make sure that I can use secure protocols when grabbing text files across the internet. The scripts To enable using SSL/TLS in wget, make a script called ssl-in-wget. ... Read more…
Tags: ar300m wget script
Category: openwrt