Adding binaries to the Git for Windows PATH

Posted May 31, 2018

Last updated June 11, 2018 | 1e735fd

1 minute read

As WSL becomes more mature, I will surely start using it more than I use the Bash that comes installed with Git for Windows. But for now, my main Bash interface is through the Git Bash terminal.

On my Windows computers for work (I don’t have much of a choice), I have a few scripts I like to port from my personal setup that I use frequently. One of the more relative ones that I figured I’d use as an example is my script to generate checksums for the scripts I upload. The list of these files can be found at /scripts.

An easy way to get this script in my PATH would be to enter curl -o "/c/Program Files/Git/mingw64/".

This should download the file straight to my Git for Windows Bash PATH for generating checksums.

Now I’m good to go to run or similar!