Docker Image for building Hugo site with GitLab CI

Posted March 21, 2018

Last updated February 23, 2019 | 2c29b4f

2 minute read

When I was getting my Hugo site set up, I was looking for a way to implement search. Luckily, it seems that I ran across a solution by eddiewebb and I was able to get it set up.

Originally, I had issues where it would work locally, but when I would push it up to GitLab pages, CI would take over and publish a version of the site, but the search function didn’t work when it was live. After downloading a couple different versions of Hugo locally and trying out hugo server, it appeared that there were functions introduced between 0.32.3 and 0.37.1 that the search function depended on. I had been using the default template from GitLab for the pages CI script that was only at 0.32.3 at the time of publishing my site with GitLab Pages.

I decided to take the opportunity to create and host my own image in the repo for the site with newer versions. As of writing, it is running 0.37.1 and I will aim to update it as newer versions come out and newer features are added to Hugo. After making this image, the search seems to be working perfectly.

To edit the default template from GitLab Pages to use a newer version of Hugo, I just had to change the image declaration to this:


Feel free to use these containers as I continue to build and push them to this registry!